Important Notice Regarding Summer 2021

Message from the District Principal- Mr. Greg Kochanuk:

As we are near the start of our final term of classes for this most unusual school year, we have a few very important reminders for all of you and the following affects virtually every single one of our students.

  1. The first item is that our traditional summer program, which is a recreationally based program, will NOT be offered this summer. We hope that this program will be back in full operation by summer, 2022. We are offering an academic program for our long term students who are remaining here this summer (please see point #2 below)
  2. For those students STAYING in our program during the summer months, Students will have the opportunity to register in up to two academic courses, have homestay provided for them, and a weekly excursion to sites around Vancouver Island. The cost is $2,500/month, including everything. This is a program only offered to students remaining with us due to the difficulty of returning to their home countries or students looking to expedite their graduation plan.
  3. For those students LEAVING our program at the end of June, 2021-it is critical that we get their flight information as soon as possible. The reason the flight information is critical is that all students MUST get a COVID-19 test within 72 hours of their departure. These tests will cost approximately $400. We will be arranging transportation to the testing site.
  4. All students MUST leave the Comox Valley by June 30 as per the conditions of our Student Agreement. Staying longer this summer is not an option. Non-essential travel and sightseeing is not permitted in the country at this time and likely won’t be at the end of June, either.
  5. Finally, students who are GRADUATING in June cannot remain in the Comox Valley in one of our homestays. We will have a large number of students remaining with us this summer and unless they are enrolled in our summer academic program, graduates must depart the community for the next stage of their academic journey. If they have been accepted to a Canadian university, students will need to transition to those communities immediately at the end of their studies here if they are not returning home.