Cultural Exchange

 Mark Isfeld – Italy 2023-2024

G.P Vanier – N/A

Highland – Germany 2023-2024

“I want to do the exchange so I can learn more about other cultures. It interests me on how other cultures do things differently. It’s a very good once in a life time opportunity that I’m excited to be a part of.”

“I decided to participate in an exchange because I think it is important for people my age to be exposed to different cultures, so we can fully understand that we are all one despite our differences-you learn so much when you travel! School exchanges provide opportunities that would not otherwise be available, such as being able to live with a family and truly experience another country’s culture.” 

“My sister did a cultural exchange to Italy last year. Her experience was life changing. It opened her eyes to history and culture that can only be experienced on these kinds of exchanges. I am really looking forward to my trip to Shanghai.”

Welcome to the Comox Valley International Student Program (CVISP) Cultural Exchange! You are about to embark on the experience of a lifetime.

If you have questions about the cultural exchange application process, please contact your School Vice Principal, or your school based teacher trip leader responsible for your cultural exchange.

Secondary School Vice Principals
G.P. Vanier Secondary SchoolMr. Lee McKillican
Mark R. Isfeld Secondary SchoolMr. Dave Miller
Highland Secondary SchoolMr. Don Mcrae

Required Document

  1. Passport Photo Page – Scan your passport photo page and upload it when prompted at the end of this application form.  If you do not have a passport you must apply for one and give your cultural exchange teacher chaperone a copy of the photo page.