The Comox Valley International Student Homestay Experience

Welcome to a Home Away From Home

At the Comox Valley International Student Program, we deeply comprehend the transformative impact of a nurturing Homestay environment on a student’s educational journey. Our in-house managed Homestay program is a cornerstone of our commitment to student success, orchestrated with meticulous attention by our dedicated Program Office.

Our Pledge to You

We promise a Homestay experience that’s not just about finding a place to stay; it’s about finding a second family. Our coordinators, driven by a passion for cultural exchange and student well-being, are devoted to curating matches between students and host families that resonate with harmony, respect, and mutual learning.

A Family That Guides and Supports

Our full-time Homestay Coordinators are the architects of this experience, handpicking families through rigorous selection processes, comprehensive interviews, and ongoing training to ensure they provide a nurturing and supportive environment. We empower every host to be more than a provider; they become mentors, friends, and your Canadian family.

Immersive Learning and Cultural Integration

We believe that the heart of language acquisition and cultural understanding lies within the day-to-day interactions with your host family. They are your first-hand experience of Canadian culture, helping you navigate the nuances of English language and offering a window into the local way of life.

Your Homestay, Your Haven

Expect more than just accommodation; anticipate a holistic living experience. Your Homestay will include:

  • A Personal Sanctuary: A private bedroom designed for comfort and personal space.
  • Nutrition Tailored to You: Three nutritious meals daily, with snacks available to suit your needs.
  • A Study Space to Inspire Learning: A quiet, well-lit area conducive to studying.
  • Home Comforts: Access to daily bathing facilities with hot water and laundry provisions (self-service may apply).
  • A Support System: Emotional and academic support, whether it’s tackling homesickness, school challenges, or needing homework assistance.
  • Cultural Adventures: Be part of family excursions, dining experiences, celebrations, and a variety of recreational activities.
  • Shared Living: Enjoy the warmth of common living areas within the home.

Join a Homestay Family

Embark on an enriching educational adventure with the Comox Valley International Student Program. Here, our Homestay experience is more than just a stay; it’s where lifelong friendships blossom, cultural horizons expand, and academic dreams are nurtured. Welcome home!