Hosting Requirements & Commitments

Imagine opening your home and heart to a young explorer from across the globe. Hosting an international student is more than providing a roof over their head; it’s an invitation to a cultural exchange that enriches lives on both sides.

As a host, you have the unique privilege of offering a student the invaluable experience of discovering the world through new eyes. Your home becomes more than just a living space; it becomes a nurturing environment where learning and laughter are shared, where every meal is a story, and every day is a chapter in a memorable adventure.

But the journey goes beyond the physical space. It’s about emotional connection. International students embark on a brave voyage, leaving their comfort zones for 3 weeks to 10 months of learning and growth. As a host, you provide a pillar of support during their times of triumph and trial. When the festivities of holidays amplify their longing for home, your warmth becomes the comfort they seek. When the nuances of a new culture puzzle them, your guidance lights their way.

In this exchange, the rewards are reciprocal. The student’s presence weaves a tapestry of global community within your home, offering perspectives that transform the mundane into the extraordinary. Your family gains an expanded worldview, often forming bonds that last a lifetime.

By hosting, you’re not just giving a student a home away from home—you’re gaining a new family member. Together, you create a safe haven for cultural exploration, personal growth, and shared experiences that transcend borders.

All Hosts must:

  • be a legally competent person 25 years of age or over
  • pass a criminal record check and otherwise be a fit and proper person of good reputation
  • agree to scheduled in-home inspections by the international student program
  • provide food for three nutritious meals per day
  • provide a clean and tidy home with a private, adequately furnished bedroom, with access to:
    • an area with a desk, chair and adequate lighting for homework
    • a bathroom, linens and use of laundry facilities
    • entry into the home like any other member of the family (e.g. house key and alarm code, if applicable)
    • access to the Internet to support educational goals and consistent communication with home
  • ensure your home and auto insurance policies adequately cover students residing within your home
  • adhere to all policies and procedures as outlined in the Homestay Agreement
  • adhere to the rules, regulations and standards of conduct (Host Family Code of Conduct), or as amended and restated periodically at the discretion of Comox Valley Schools
  • Provide a heartfelt welcome and ongoing emotional support for times of homesickness or academic challenges.
  • Include the student in family excursions, dining out, special events, and recreational pursuits.
  • Arrange airport pick-ups and drop-offs to begin and end their journey with warmth.
  • Coordinate transportation for student activities, especially for those in more secluded locales.
  • Establish clear, reasonable house rules and curfews to foster a respectful living environment.
  • Encourage the student’s exploration of extracurricular interests and sporting endeavours.
  • Participate in school or district orientations and events to deepen your cultural and educational understanding.

Embrace the opportunity to make a world of difference. Become a host family today, and start a journey that echoes far beyond the here and now.