Elementary Schools

Comox Valley is a great place for kids and parents to connect with other families and participate in activities together in the community. We provide free ESL support at our elementary schools. There are a variety of lessons and events kids and parents can easily get access at schools and in the community.

Aspen Park Elementary School

Aspen Park Elementary School is an urban Kindergarten to grade 7 school in Comox, British Columbia. Students live in a mixture of existing and newer residential subdivisions around the school and can walk to school.

The modern facility hosts approximately 270 students each year. It is well equipped with computers, a full music program including band for grade 7 students, multipurpose room, full size gym and art room.

Courtenay Elementary School

Courtenay Elementary School is a kindergarten to grade 5 school located in central Courtenay, British Columbia.  It is a smaller elementary school with approximately 185 students each year.

Courtenay Elementary is very proud of it’s strong multicultural makeup and traditions, as well as it’s close ties with the surrounding community.  The garden at Courtenay Elementary is shared with the local community groups and there are 3 different preschool programs within the school.

Valley View Elementary

Valley View Elementary School is a kindergarten to grade 7 school centrally located in Courtenay, British Columbia. The school grounds border Mark R. Isfeld Secondary School and the Comox Valley United Soccer Club (CVUSC) fields and field house.

This modern school is also surrounded by the Aberdeen Heights, Crowne Isle Resort community and the Valley View residential area. Approximately 430 students attend Valley View each year. Valley View strives to enable all students to develop their individual potential and to acquire the knowledge, skills and attitudes needed to become responsible learners and citizens.

Queneesh Elementary

Queneesh Elementary School is a kindergarten to grade seven 7 school centrally located in Courtenay, British Columbia near North Island College Comox Valley Campus and the new Comox Valley hospital site. Queneesh strives to provide a safe, caring and educationally nurturing environment for all.

Queneesh values all students’ unique qualities and believes that everyone has the ability to learn, build relationships and contribute to our school community. It is a dual track school offering the Montessori Program and the Neighbourhood program. Approximately 400 students attend Queneesh Elementary School each year.