Hosting FAQ

Can I apply to be a homestay family?

Anyone who resides in the Comox Valley can apply to be a Comox Valley International Student Program homestay. Not all applicants are selected to receive an international student.  A private bedroom study area, WiFi internet access, three meals per day and a healthy snack are required. Additionally, English should be the language spoken at home and parental support and acceptance of an international student as part of the family is required.

What are the responsibilities of a homestay family?

As a homestay parent you are expected to provide essentially what you would normally provide for your own family:

  • a private bedroom
  • three wholesome meals a day and snacks as required
  • a quiet, adequately lit and heated study space
  • hot water and facilities for daily bathing
  • laundry (you may expect a student to do their own laundry if you wish)
  • emotional support if the student suffers from homesickness, difficulties at school, etc.
  • academic support (help with homework if possible, communication with teachers, attendance at parent-teacher-student interview, etc.)
  • inclusion of the student in family outings, trips to restaurants, special occasions, recreational activities
  • access to the common living areas of the house

How long will a student live with me?

An international student can study in the Comox Valley International Student Program from one (1) week to twelve (12) months. The majority of students student for a full school year which is ten (10) months; September to June. You can also have students stay with you for one (1) or two (2) months during the Comox Valley International Summer Program in July and August.

How old will the student I host be?

International students are eligible for homestay from grade six (6) to grade twelve (12). Grade six (6) students will be carefully screened by the District Principal of International Education or designate to show they have the academic and social potential/maturity to be successful. Students below grade six (6) may enroll in the Comox Valley International Student Program provided he or she lives with a natural parent or another adult family member.

What do I receive for hosting an international student?

You will receive a monthly honorarium, homestay orientation session once per year, a detailed homestay manual and the on-going support of the Comox Valley International Student Program homestay staff.

How do I obtain a driver’s abstract?

Your driving record, also called a driver’s abstract, is a record of your basic driving history. It lists when your driver’s licence was first issued, plus any driving tickets or other offences you’ve received in the last five years. All driver’s abstracts are provided free of charge. Go to the ICBC driver licensing website for detailed information about getting your driver’s abstract.

In Person:
By Phone:

When should I get criminal record check (CRC)?

The CVISP requires a current criminal record check (CRC) (within the last five (5) years) on file for all homestay family household members age 19 and older. This includes any adult who subsequently takes up residence in your household. You should apply for a CRC after you have had a home visit from a CVISP homestay coordinator.

How do I obtain a criminal record check (CRC)?

To obtain your CRC and submit it to the CVISP follow these steps:

  1. Go to the BC Ministry of Justice website
  2. Read the instructions provided at this website
  3. Enter the access code 3PMYSBDFL2 where prompted
  4. Enter the characters shown and requested
  5. Click “Request a New Criminal Record Check” if you have never requested one before, or click “Share the result of a Completed Criminal Record Check” if you have requested one before.
  6. Your CRC will then be automatically sent to a CVISP program worker for processing.

Should you be asked to have a more in depth check completed, including fingerprints, you will need to complete this process at your own cost.