Secondary Schools

At our acclaimed secondary schools, we pride ourselves on offering an expansive array of elective courses alongside essential university prerequisite subjects. These core subjects encompass a broad spectrum including, but not limited to, English, Literature, History, Geography, and a comprehensive suite of scientific disciplines such as Biology, Physics, and Chemistry.

Our schools have an exceptional track record of nurturing International students who, upon graduation, secure placements in some of the world’s most prestigious colleges and universities annually. This testament to our commitment to excellence is not by mere chance, but the result of a carefully curated academic environment.

International students are seamlessly integrated with their Canadian peers in both academic and elective classes. This integration fosters a mutual cultural understanding, enriches the global perspective of all students, and provides a dynamic environment for practicing English skills through active interaction.

Recognizing the challenges of mastering a second language, we offer robust support and dedicated instruction in English as a Second Language (ELL). This service is tailored to assist students in achieving English fluency, ensuring they have the linguistic confidence and proficiency to excel in their academic journey.