Hosting Benefits

Welcoming an international student into your home is as much an adventure as it is an act of hospitality. While the advantages for the students are widely celebrated, the enriching experience for host families is an equally important part of the narrative.

Here are seven compelling reasons why inviting an international student into your home can be a rewarding journey for your family.

Reawaken Your Local Explorer

Hosting prompts you to become a tourist in your own town, exploring hidden gems and local attractions that might typically go unnoticed. It’s an opportunity to see your environment through fresh eyes and to share the pride of your community with someone new.

Forge Lasting International Bonds

Although each student’s stay is temporary, the bonds formed often last a lifetime. Many hosts maintain a cherished connection with their international students and their families, fostering a global network of friendships that extend far beyond the homestay experience.

Broadens Your Global Perspective

Sometimes, the everyday cycle of life can narrow our worldview. Our host families often express that opening their homes to an international student reawakens their sense of global belonging.

In today’s global village, your home is more than just a space for shelter—it’s a potential hub of cultural exchange and enrichment. By embracing the opportunity to open your doors to the world, you welcome a tapestry of experiences that can enrich your life in countless ways.

It’s a window to the myriad of cultures and experiences beyond the confines of our habitual surroundings and might even spark a newfound zest for travel or a deeper appreciation for the cultural mosaic within your own community.

Broaden Your Horizons from the Comfort of Home

Opening your home to different cultures allows you and your family to embark on a journey of learning without ever leaving the comfort of your house. Hosting an international student is a reciprocal relationship. While you introduce your student to the Canadian way of life, they bring a slice of their homeland to you and your family. Consider your home a cross-cultural bridge where you can both share and learn from each other. Participating in our homestay program is a chapter in a lifelong adventure of personal growth and education.

Rediscover Your Cultural Roots

In the process of showcasing your traditions to your international guest, you may rediscover the essence of your own cultural identity. It’s an invitation to gain perspective on Canada’s culture, revisit cherished recipes, dust off old traditions, and celebrate your family’s heritage with renewed pride.

Receive Financial Support

As a host family with the Comox Valley International Student Program, you’re compensated for your hospitality, earning up to $1,000 a month to contribute to the costs associated with welcoming a student. While not a replacement for other income, this stipend helps manage the expenses of accommodating an extra member in your household.

Create Unforgettable Memories – Build a Legacy

The true value of hosting can’t be measured in dollars. It’s the collection of unique experiences, the diverse viewpoints shared, and the treasured moments that will stay with you long after your guest has returned home. Each student brings new stories, potentially sparking adventures and connections that enrich your family’s life narrative.

It’s an investment in the future. You’re not only enhancing your own life but also setting an example for younger generations by demonstrating the importance of an open mind and open heart and inspiring them to continue the tradition of global citizenship.

Take the first step in welcoming an international student at home and start paving the way for lasting connections through Hosting. The relationships you forge today can become the bridges to understanding and cooperation tomorrow.

Embrace the opportunity to make a world of difference. Become a host family today, and start a journey that echoes far beyond the here and now.