Graduation Program

At Comox Valley Schools, our students strive for more than just an education – they aspire towards a future that’s bright and promising. Our British Columbia High School Graduation Program bestows the distinguished Dogwood Graduation Certificate to all deserving graduates. This program is meticulously designed for international students who are deeply committed to their academic pursuits and envisage a prominent academic future.

By integrating fully with our Canadian students and teachers over a minimum period of two years, you can fulfill all the requirements necessary for your Dogwood Graduation Certificate. Our curriculum, grounded in the British Columbia Public Schools Curriculum, covers a broad range of subjects that include English, Mathematics, Canadian History under Social Studies, Science, Physical Education, and English as a Second Language (ESL), if required.

One of the unique advantages of our Graduation Program is the dedicated support provided by our International Student Program Support Teacher (ISPST). These committed professionals hold ESL certifications and are wholly devoted to aiding our international students. They instruct various specialized classes and provide personalized counseling to international students, ensuring they successfully meet all graduation prerequisites.

Program Highlights:

  • Elective classes tailored to your interests and aligned with your future educational or professional objectives.
  • Graduation certificate, examinations, and courses approved by the British Columbia Government, affirming their quality and standard.
  • Comprehensive counseling and assistance for post-secondary applications, simplifying your transition into higher education.
  • A philosophy that underscores academic excellence and quality, pushing you to reach your full potential.
  • Full integration into a traditional Canadian High School environment, providing you with an authentic Canadian educational experience.