Host Family Undertakings

Welcome to the heart of our homestay community, where every host is a lighthouse guiding international students through their journey in a new land. As a dedicated host, you are entrusted with a mission that goes beyond basic accommodation; it’s about enriching a student’s life with comfort, culture, and care.

A Sanctuary for Rest and Rejuvenation

Your student arrives with dreams in their eyes and perhaps a touch of jet lag. It’s paramount that they find solace in restful nights within your home. With the excitement of new experiences, it’s essential to establish a nurturing environment where adequate sleep is prioritized. Encourage healthy habits and discuss expectations around technology use to ensure a harmonious sleep cycle. If sleep becomes a puzzle, our International Student Program (ISP) team is here to help piece together a solution.

Balancing Freedom and Safety with Curfews

Your home, your harmony. Set clear curfews that resonate with the rhythm of your household and the educational commitments of your student. Our suggested curfews can be found here, with flexibility for special occasions. Communication is key; ensure your student keeps in touch, especially if plans go awry. If curfew concerns arise, our Homestay coordinators are your allies for resolution.

Cultivating Culture Through Activities

Life’s tapestry is woven from shared moments. Invite your student into the fold of family activities, from the simplicity of dog walks to the joy of game nights. Foster their immersion in ISP activities and local outings, enriching their cultural canvas and linguistic landscape. Remember, while the heart of the experience is priceless, the student is responsible for the financial side of personal adventures.

Seamless Communication: A Two-Way Street

Build bridges of dialogue with your student, ensuring they feel at ease to seek your guidance or share their day. Establish and agree upon the best ways to stay connected, whether through messages, calls, or digital apps. Make this a family affair, involving all members in the communication circle. It’s about mutual awareness and responsiveness, creating a support system that’s always just a message away.

Embracing and Understanding Cultural Diversity

Celebrate the diversity that your student brings to your home. Dive into discussions about cultural practices, from dietary preferences to daily routines, and show flexibility in integrating these into your shared living space. Understanding is the foundation of a welcoming environment where the student can truly feel like a cherished part of the family.

By embracing these responsibilities, you become more than a host; you become a pivotal chapter in a student’s story of growth and exploration. Together, we can ensure their homestay experience is as enriching and memorable as it is educational.