The Comox Valley International Student Program (CVISP) has three passenger buses available to all Comox Valley Schools staff for Comox Valley Schools business (field trips etc.).

Due to current COVID-19 Health & Safety Protocols, all adults and students in grades 4-12 must wear a mask while on the bus and maintain maximum physical distancing. Every other window must be a minimum 1/4 open for the duration of the trip.

The daily rental rate is $175.00.

This online booking request form must be completed by the Driver. Paper, phone, email and in person requests are not accepted.

The Driver must arrange to complete one-time online SD71 COVID Cleaning Protocol training with SD71 Health & Safety Manager Russel Roy prior to bus use. Contact Russel Roy at

Note: The CVISP has priority use of the bus and will provide reasonable notice (typically 10 business days) should you need to arrange for a different rental.

Bus Booking Request Form.SEP20

  • Full email address
  • Name of school/organization
  • A valid number must be supplied in order for your booking request to be considered
  • MM slash DD slash YYYY
  • MM slash DD slash YYYY
  • :
    Pick up time must be between 8:00am and 4:00pm, during Maintenance Office hours.
  • :
  • Prior to My Trip: 1. I will complete one-time online SD71 COVID Cleaning Protocol training with Health & Safety Manager Russel Roy. 2. I hold a valid Class 4 (miminum) drivers licence, which I will have with me while driving the CVISP bus. I will provide a copy of my Class 4 licence to the CVISP Office. 3. I will provide a current (within the past year) copy of my ICBC drivers abstract to the CVISP office. 4. I will complete SD71 COVID Cleaning Protocols prior to my trip. 5. I will complete the Pre-trip inspection report and carry it in the bus during my trip. 6. I will pick up the bus between 08:15 and 16:00 weekdays at the Mechanic's Compound on the maintenance grounds behind Vanier Secondary School (entry off Vanier Drive). The compound is locked at 16:00 on weekdays and all weekend. 7. I accept and agree to the $50 cancellation fee and that the school account on my bus booking request form will be invoiced accordingly. 8. I understand that the CVISP reserves the right to assign me the bus that best suits the needs of my trip.
  • During My Trip: 1. I will ensure that all adults and students in Grade 4-12 wear a mask for the duration of the trip. I will also wear a mask for the duration of the trip. 2. I will ensure that every other window is opened at least 1/4 of the way for the duration of the trip. 3. I will ensure that the pre-trip inspection report is in the bus for the duration of the trip. 4. I will operate the bus only on paved roads. 5. I will leave the bus at the Maintenance Department compound or keep it in my care. Buses must not be left overnight in school parking lots and NEVER left outside the compound. 6. I will ensure that aisles, exits and emergency exits are kept clear at all times. 7. I wiil ensure that all passengers remain seated, with maximum physical distancing, in a designated seat with a seat belt fastened at all times. 8. I will ensure that equipment and luggage is securely stored. 9. I will ensure that passengers are off-loaded when the bus is being refueled. 10. Should a bus break down inside the Comox Valley during business hours, I will contact the Maintenance Department at 250-338-7475. 11. Should the bus break down outside the Comox Valley, I will contact the nearest repair facility. If the problem is significant, I will call the Maintenance Department collect at 250-338-7475. I agree that repair costs will be reimbursed. 12. If the bus is involved in an accident, I will immediately contact my school principal, who will advise the appropriate School District officials. 13. I understand that all toll bridge charges will be added to the invoice to my school. 14. I will ensure that all trips over 160 KM will be entered in the logbook located in the bus.
  • After My Trip: 1. I will refuel the bus to a full tank 2. I will complete SD71 COVID Cleaning Protocls, ensure all windows are closed, sweep the floor and empty all garbage receptacles prior to returning the bus to the Maintenance Department/Grounds. 3. I agree that my school will be charged for any cleaning services required. 4. I will ensure all windows are closed and doors are locked. 5. I will complete and sign the post-trip inspection report and give it to the Admin Assistant in the Maintenance Department Office. Any damage to the interior and exterior will be noted on this report. 6. I agree to return the bus keys to the Maintenance Department Office on the same day my trip ends (after hours returns - drop keys and paperwork in mailbox, lock maintenance gate behind you).